Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This carving almost didn't happen because our first batch of pumpkins got smashed into the streets by hoodlums.  I was mad about that.  But I sucked it up, drove the kids to the grocery store and we picked from what was left of the dwindling bunch.  I think we did pretty good!  And I promised we could toss our own pumpkins from the balcony, after Halloween, and do our own pumpkin-smashing {because it sounds fun, doesn't it?}.

The costumes have been purchased, the decor is up and ready to go, the candy has been opened {and nibbled on}, and plans are made.  We are ready for Halloween!!!  If only we could do something about the 50% chance of rain in the forecast.  The rain cannot stop those little trick-or-treaters!  We need to unload this candy quick.

Yes, I do realize that my kids are going to be bringing in even more candy, but first things first.  

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