Tuesday, October 8, 2013

layered dirt cake for sometime around halloween. it's never too early for cake.

I'm going to be honest.  There is no way one person needs to eat an entire glass jar of cake and pudding and cool whip and gummy worms.  But it was totally fun trying!!!  
I know traditionally that dirt cake is made with oreo cookie crumbles, but I wanted to try cake instead.  It did not disappoint.  I let the kids layer their own because that's pretty much the funnest part.  I think they put theirs together in all of two minutes while I applied a more complex methodology.  They wolfed theirs down and laughed at me, grating Rolo dust onto my tip-top layer.  Apparently grating candy is ridiculous.

Ridiculously GOOD, I would argue.


  1. Hey Misty: This recipe looks delicious! I have made it before but not in a canning jar with cool whip in the middle, and it looks great for Halloween! We have the girl's weekend starting this Thursday and I am going to make it for them, a surprise!! Thank you also for showing the messy kitchen, that is what mine looks like after baking...anything!

    1. Well, it's pretty convenient when we drink out of canning jars as our glassware. It has multiple uses I guess. :)


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