Wednesday, October 23, 2013

kids and their money-seeking.

What started out as a cold, dark, rainy morning turned out to be a beautiful-but-chilly Autumn day; the kind of day where the kids get an idea that they'd like to rake leaves in exchange for dollar bills.  But I had a better idea; why rake when you can use the leaf blower???  I'm pretty sure they liked that idea too.  :)
Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh are very interesting compared to other places we have lived.  For example, in both Oregon and Washington, there are typically these structures called fences that divide parcels and offer privacy in between neighboring houses.  Do I sound sarcastic? In Pittsburgh, this whole fence business is a rarity.  Homes just don't have fences, for the most part, and if they do, it's just a short one to keep the dogs inside the yard.  So what you have is generally no privacy; homes are just staring at other homes from all angles.  Do I sound paranoid yet?  I promise I'm not that obsessively anxious.  I just like my privacy.  Fortunately, our house is super private, even without a fence.  Even better {and the point I was going to make before I went off on a privacy tangent}, we have a nice, little heavily wooded area behind our yard in which to blow all of the leaves.  No bagging, no roadside collection, no hiring landscape companies to use their giant leaf vacuums; we just blow all the darn leaves into the woods.  It's fun, it's good, and it only feels like cheating just a little, tiny bit.  
So far, we're only dealing with the neighbor's leaves that blow straight into our yard.  Our trees are hanging onto their leaves for dear life.  But perhaps they'll decide to blow straight into our neighbor's yard.  :)

*I know, I know.  A post about leaves and fences.  Riveting.  What will she come up with next???

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  1. I've got one little sister who's a pretty big fan of those "money jobs". We don't have a fence, but our closest neighbors are a decent walk away! Where we lived in Malaysia, the majority of houses are surrounded by cement walls. It kind of felt like living in a fortress.


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