Sunday, October 6, 2013

p-inspiration: autumn sweets + comfort food.

It's about to cool down around here, thanks to some rain coming from Cleveland.  60's and 70's?  Yes, please.  Cooler temperatures always put me in the mood for some hearty food and some caramel-y treats.  Oh, that's not a new concept?  

I've been so boring about meals lately, thanks to my obsessiveness over getting through my Statistics classes as quickly as possible.  Do you have that problem?  Like the closer you get to finishing something you just can't put it down?  Well, this week I've decided that's dumb.  I'm going to achieve balance in my life.  I swear it's true!  I'm going to balance my work with my meal-preparing and I'm even going to set aside time during the day for exercise.  I've been telling myself this for weeks, but this time I'm serious!  

This week I definitely want to make caramel corn and although I have ZERO idea how you're supposed to eat that ice cream-filled apple with caramel {pictured above}, I think the kids and I could figure it out.  I just bet.  I'm also years overdue for another homemade macaroni and cheese attempt.  The last time I tried, we ended up ordering pizza.  The husband and kids still harass me about that.  And I cannot wait to get fancy with a grilled cheese sandwich!


  1. when I first saw all these I was about to just pack my bags and move in, than I saw you pinned them all on pinterest...but I seriously had the belief in you from your previous cooking posts that these were all Misty creations...and now I am starving.

    1. Thank you for believing in me!!! I'm going to try making these things for reals. They make my mouth water just looking at them!


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