Sunday, October 20, 2013

p-inspiration {when i should be studying}.

When we had the cousins over for the night last weekend, one remarked that he liked all of the "stuff" we have hanging on our walls.  I could have scooped that guy up tight and given him a big, old hug.  I like all of that stuff I nailed up there too.  I, too, fancy a simple, barren wall... in other people's homes, but an empty wall in my own home feels a little like putting a puzzle together and having a piece missing.  Empty and annoying.  My mind won't rest until I find the very perfect "stuff" to fill up that empty wall space.  I want some eye candy; colorful and organized, but not too perfect.  It's madness, I know.  I admit it.  I own it.  I'm very comfortable in my OCD.  

*The two bottom photos are of my own home.

Okay, Imma get back to studying for another test tomorrow.  
I'm serious this time.


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  1. cute stuff! sometimes you need to take a break from studying....... :)


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