Sunday, October 13, 2013

pumpkin patchin' with the cousins.

Cousins, cousins everywhere!  Between two families, we have a total of 8 kids {three in college, one in high school, and four in middle school}.  These kids sure have grown fast!  Thankfully though, pumpkin-carving is still a cool thing to do and no one minded a visit to the pumpkin patch.
We had 11 people overnighting in our house last night.  ELEVEN!  There were games being played, you-tube videos being watched, pumpkin seeds everywhere, hot cocoa being made constantly, and two wide-eyed scaredy cats hiding from a wandering visiting dog.
It was a quick, fun visit and then off they headed back home.  We made sure to load their car with Halloween candy for the long drive home.  Because parent's love that kind gesture.


  1. How nice that you live close enough to be able to get together with family! Cousins are the BEST! :)

    Quick question, can I ask where you found your baseball T-shirt? I've been trying to track one down for the longest time! So cute!

    1. It was like a dream come true what I finally found these baseball tees! They are in the guy's section {believe it or not} at American Eagle Outfitters. They are the softest, most comfortable tees ever! They should still be available!


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