Monday, October 21, 2013

the day before the weather goes downhill.

It's getting cold.  Like really cold.  This week we are dipping down into the 40's and sitting-pretty there for awhile.  For some reason I still like to check the weather in Spokane to compare and maybe see what we're missing {or what they are missing}.  In this case, it's us doing the missing out... on sunny and upper seventies {say what??}.  I also like to check out the weather in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, to see what my family is experiencing - sunny and seventies right now too.  It just makes me soooooo incredibly giddy to know that others are enjoying such beautifully, warm days, whilst I turn up the heat and bury my nose into my comforter to fall asleep.  Last night I even wore socks to bed, and that is just GROSS.  
Tomorrow I have the lovely chore of gathering hats and gloves for all.  And I guess it will be time to bid a fond farewell to the mums and the rose bushes.  It's been swell, Autumn!  Please be kind and remember we need sunshine and warmth every now and again. 

*Husband's in Miami for the week - 88, 87, 82 & 82 degrees of awesomeness.  Lucky duck.


  1. Transitioning into colder weather is always so bitter sweet, sometimes more bitter than sweet. I love your pictures though, look like you all enjoyed the final "nice" day before colder weather moves in. I'm sure your husband will enjoy the warmer weather in Florida, maybe he'll bring you all home some! One can always hope, right? :)

  2. hey nice post meh, You are one of the best writers I've seen of recent. I love your style of blogging here. this post reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog: Success With Dating Women .
    keep up the good work friend. I will be back to read more of your posts.


  3. Do you miss the NW? Is your husband's family from there as well? We just (this month) moved from Tacoma, WA to Houston, TX. I didn't know what to expect, feeling-wise, but so far so good. :) But, yeah, I'm still checking their weather everyday too.

  4. I just found your blog through Dancing with Ashley, and I love it! Your pictures are beautiful. I'm sorry you are experiencing such cold weather up in PA, it is still in the 70's down here in the South :) I am ready for cooler weather though! Maybe we should trade places.


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