Sunday, October 6, 2013

the time i took my kids away from their video games to see southwestern pa's laurel caverns.

Just an hour and twenty minutes away from Pittsburgh, in the southeastern direction, you'll find the Laurel Highlands. It's a magical land for people who like to take photos of Autumn foliage.  So, you can imagine my disappointment when I drove that drive only to discover that my memory card was not in my camera.  I handled it pretty well though, which is kind of surprising.  I can be a real b about these things.  I reminded myself that this little trip was about the experience with my kids, not the photo ops.  It was to get us out of the house and take a break from technology and make friends with nature.  So, I sucked up my camera-fail and a-caverning we went at Laurel Caverns!

This place is really, very cool.  Not as cool as video games, from what I gathered, but cool never-the-less.  We took the guided family tour which lasted about an hour and didn't require extra equipment.  It was the perfect length of time that we didn't freeze our buns off for too long {wear a sweatshirt!!} or get bored.  It was also good exercise with stairs and uphill climbs, but the pathways were clear and easy.  There was one point during the tour when the lights were purposely turned off, to show just how dark the caverns get.  It gets PITCH BLACK and only slightly awkward when another member of the tour grabs onto you out of fear.  :)

I'll have you know, the kids survived nature just barely and spent the rest of the evening gazing lovingly into their computer screens at home.

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