Thursday, October 3, 2013

three for thursday.

Sometimes all you're going to get from me are pictures of leaves.  I just want to soak it all in.
This is the view from the outlet mall in Washington, PA., if you can believe it.

Things this week:

My faith in humanity is once again restored!  Elyssa dropped her wallet on the train ride home from school and the very next day a kind, wonderful, lovely person returned it to her.  Even better, everything was still inside.

The new neighbors are moving into the house across the street right this second.  Boy does that bring back a bunch of memories!  I'll happily sip my Diet Coke while I laze on the sofa, peeking out the window every so often to take note of their progress.  Nosy me!

I'm finishing up my last class this week, before I'm into my Education courses!!!  My biggest math and statistics fears were conquered and I'm ready for my learning to be focused on teaching!  Bring it.

I've finally started decorating for Fall around here.  Usually my kids are making fun of me because I put Halloween stuff up so early.  This year they're giving me grief because it's October and I haven't done a thing.  I can't win.  

McKenna had her first travel basketball tryouts last night.  There were a lot of girls trying out and we were told there will be cuts.  McKenna is doing her best, which is all I could ever hope for.  I know there are some nervous parents and kids hoping to make the team, but I'm not going to let myself go there.  It's just best not to fret over the things we can't control, am I right?  There's no sense in trying to predict the future when there is so much to be grateful for in this moment.

That is also the same stance I've taken in regards to my schooling because if I start to let my mind wander to the near future when I'll be standing in front of a classroom full of children for my first time, I'll be in a constant panic over the nervous, little stories in my head.  Waste of my time and energy.  I'm going to rock this teacher thing.  

You can rock your fears too!  I promise.

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  1. stop with these fall pictures, Or I will probably have a mental breakdown from jealousy!


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