Saturday, November 30, 2013

a frosty pennsylvania drive.

We are back home, safe and sound, after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend in Maryland.  I'll share more about that later, but for now it feels good to be back home in my pajamas and all cozied up on my favorite spot on the couch with my favorite cat.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
And if you partook in Black Friday, I hope you scored big time!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

happy thanksgiving!

We wish you a delightful day of television parades, roasted or deep-fried or grilled or smoked turkey, and after dinner sofa-dozing!  May it be full of goodness and sparkles and all sorts of warm, fuzzy stuff!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pardon the blurry kid pictures.  Sometimes these kids don't slow down for anything {especially an annoying mom with a camera}.

Jackson came home from school on Monday and asked if he could make cookies.
Ummmmm, let me think about that.

While his little sister likes to make her cookies as giant as possible, Jackson chose the bite-size route and boy did that make those delicious things way too easy to eat.  I'm really proud of that kid.  Just a few months ago he was nervous about removing anything hot from the oven and now that he is taking a cooking class, he is beginning to find his way around the kitchen and definitely becoming more comfortable.

Today his cooking class made Fettuccine Alfredo and so I definitely see him making us a very Italian dinner in the near future.  :)

*Speaking of Jackson, it seems he takes a wee bit after his mum in the blogging department.  He is now the proud owner of his very own baby blog.  Welcome to Blogland, Jackson!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

morning full of snow.

This morning started out beautifully, all snowy and peaceful.  I'm always amazed at how insulating snow can be.  It makes everything so quiet.  Until the snowblowers make their way out to clear driveways.  
Even the cats were mesmerized by those giant flakes.  

And then the temps warmed up and it rained ALL DAY LONG on top of all that snow.  Slushfest 2013.  It was ugly.  Tonight we are crossing our fingers for more snow and the kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow!  Is that too much to ask, to turn our four-day weekend into a five day-er?  
We would be ever-so thankful.


I pretty much live in these clothing items, so I apologize if I've become boring.  Warm layers = the only thing I really care about when snow is in the forecast.  I'm just giving myself props for not chilling in pajama bottoms all day.  Because that sounds really lovely sometimes, doesn't it?  

As we experience a big chill tonight in Pittsburgh {more snow overnight}, I offer a gentle reminder to thaw your Thanksgiving day turkey.  I, however, will not be defrosting a turkey because someone else is roasting the turkey this year.  And for that, I am thankful!

Style Elixir

pleated poppy


husband had a decorating idea.

{Dang, my countertops are clean.  My lucky day!}

Sometimes Husband and I have lunch dates while the kids are at school.  Mostly we are out running errands and then stop somewhere for lunch, but "date" sounds better.  Today we hit up Chick Fila and then headed across the street into Trader Joe's for orange chicken.  And that's when it happened.  We saw a beautiful wreath for $8.99.  Husband really wanted it, I could tell by his expression, but I reminded him that we didn't need a wreath because we ordered one from the neighbor boys.  And then that man suggested we buy the wreath anyway and put it on the dining room table with a candle or something in the middle.  A regular Nate Berkus, I tell you.  Husband will try to tell you it was all my idea, but it just isn't true.  We brought it home and put it on the table with a vase full of lemons and I took way too many pictures of it than is probably healthy or normal.

Husband has some pretty good ideas.

Monday, November 25, 2013

wearing black and yellow for myself and not the steelers.

I have never really understood the need for three photos when one will do, yet here I am.  But I often find myself doing lots of things I don't understand and I'm always a fan of excess {yay says my husband, never}, so you get three photos of basically the same thing and just be happy I don't make you wade through like five photos of me or something.

So, you know we've been living in Pittsburgh for well over a year now and I think I've been very honest about our struggles with becoming Steelers fans.  I mean, we are born and bred Seahawks fans and this is an amazing year for Seattle and it just isn't helping us cheer for our new home team.  I just don't have much room in my heart and I'm afraid I passed that genetic "small-heart" trait onto my children.  When we wear black and yellow, it is for our own pleasure, not because Pittsburgh has yellow bridges and goes crazy for their Steelers.  In fact, Miss McKenna refused to put on a pair of black {more charcoal than black, really} and yellow striped gloves this morning, saying, "Those look too much like Steelers colors."  Too funny!

So, no offense to the Steeler fans at all, I promise.  We love Pittsburgh.  We just already found our soul-team and you know how that is.

Style Elixir

pleated poppy


this weekend...

Well, the snow settled in on Friday night and then it got so cold it never melted.  So, what was once pretty on that Friday evening is now dirty snow littered with fallen leaves, on this Monday morning.  I'm honestly just happy the sun is shining, albeit my teeth are chattering from the low, low temps.

Now that it's basketball season and practically holiday season, our weekends aren't as lazy as they once were.  Plus have you seen all the good movies coming out?  I never get excited to crowd into a theater with popcorn-chompers and seat-kickers, but I am actually considering setting aside my cinema-going-disdain this winter.
Maleficent?  YES!  I think Disney should do more villainous movies.  But that's just me.
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug?  YES!!!  Let's watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies on repeat, shall we???
Saving Mr. Banks?  Oh heck YES!  Emma Thompson is perfection and so is Mary Poppins, so yes, this movie is going to make me ever so happy.  I just know it.
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?  YES!!!  This movie just wreaks of inspiration.
I'm sure there were a couple more I wouldn't mind seeing.  They played like 10 movie trailers when we went to see Catching Fire yesterday, but I just can't remember them all.  By the way, Catching Fire was soooooooo good!  I was shaking in suspense the whole time and I even read the book.  

Other bits from the weekend, basketball season is in full swing for McKenna.  She plays on two teams and so on Saturday she had two practices.  That pretty much eats up an entire day.  That and Target = our Saturday in a nutshell.
Sunday we saw a movie matinee and then had a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  We all split a plain, ordinary cheesecake after our meal and we all decided that plain, ordinary cheesecakes are probably the best kind of cheesecake ever.  We usually go for something more complex {carrot cake or strawberry or chocolate cheesecakes}, but boring is best.  You should have seen us focusing on our bites...the graham cracker crust, the creamy cake...we were professionals.
We walked the mall afterward but didn't buy much.  We gave Nordstrom a little visit.  I always enjoy the smell of that place.  It's like the best fusion of perfume, leather, and other expensive goods.  The smell ranks up there with my parent's garage.  That's not weird.
And on the drive home we discussed a new super power that gave us a laugh.  What if you could fart out of other people's butts?  Crazy, I know.  But seriously!  You know you'd love it.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

baby, it's cold outside.

Last night I started digging through our holiday storage bins, just to peek, but that didn't work out so well.  Except for some minor details, pretty much everything Christmas-y I could find is out on display throughout the house.  It's so fun!!!!  I just have to get the kids motivated to put some ornaments on the tree.  It used to be such an exciting task, back in the days when they were little and all of the ornaments were hung in tight groupings on the lower half of the tree.  Now I have to guilt them into helping me.  Okay, not really.  They definitely are not as excited about tree-decorating as when they were little, but they do enjoy looking at favorite ornaments and reminiscing about when we bought them or who gifted them.  I'll take what I can get.  :)  You wanna hear something else about those teenage kids?  No Christmas music!!!  What???  McKenna will tolerate it but Jackson is completely put off by that boring crap.  He makes me laugh.  And pull my hair out.  But mostly laugh.  While I'm pulling my hair out.  

Anyway {side-tracked as always}, while I was sprinkling magical Christmas dust throughout the house, Husband ran downstairs in a crazy blur of excitement {a little sarcasm there} to usher us to the front door to peek at the fresh layer of snow on the lawn.

I'm such a jinx.


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