Monday, November 11, 2013

a thankful post with cat photos.

Consider this post the second nice thing I did for my husband in one day {he likes to keep track using numbers}. This post is going to be about how thankful I am for him. In fact, I love and respect him so much that I didn't even post his photo today. It turns out that not all blog spouses want to be plastered all over the internet or Instagram or Facebook everyday. Weird, I know.  

I'm not going to get all embarrassingly mushy or gushy.  It's not really in my nature anyway.  But I do thank my lucky stars that Husband came into my life all those many moons ago and swept me off my feet.  We lived by the seat of our pants back then and learned everything we possibly could the hard way.  I don't think you'd ever guess that now because Mr. Man and I are quite responsible and sensible and mature, but we were once impulsive dimwits.  I say that out of love though, because no matter how foolish we were, Husband has always been the one to get us out of our messes with hard work and ingenuity and more brains than me.  He is the rock of this family and my support.  He encourages me.  He is honest.  He's a good dad.  He's a wonderful husband.

I'm thankful for him almost everyday {colon p}.

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  1. awww this post is sooo sweet:):):) Congrats on finding a keeper and I am sure you being such an awesome wife helps go that "extra mile"



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