Sunday, November 24, 2013

baby, it's cold outside.

Last night I started digging through our holiday storage bins, just to peek, but that didn't work out so well.  Except for some minor details, pretty much everything Christmas-y I could find is out on display throughout the house.  It's so fun!!!!  I just have to get the kids motivated to put some ornaments on the tree.  It used to be such an exciting task, back in the days when they were little and all of the ornaments were hung in tight groupings on the lower half of the tree.  Now I have to guilt them into helping me.  Okay, not really.  They definitely are not as excited about tree-decorating as when they were little, but they do enjoy looking at favorite ornaments and reminiscing about when we bought them or who gifted them.  I'll take what I can get.  :)  You wanna hear something else about those teenage kids?  No Christmas music!!!  What???  McKenna will tolerate it but Jackson is completely put off by that boring crap.  He makes me laugh.  And pull my hair out.  But mostly laugh.  While I'm pulling my hair out.  

Anyway {side-tracked as always}, while I was sprinkling magical Christmas dust throughout the house, Husband ran downstairs in a crazy blur of excitement {a little sarcasm there} to usher us to the front door to peek at the fresh layer of snow on the lawn.

I'm such a jinx.


  1. Beautiful Misty! I'll be tackling my decorations this week.

    My 10-yr old ONLY wants to listen to Christmas music. I'm not complaining (much).

  2. It looks gorgeous! I made my husband take down all the stuff from the attic this weekend as well, it's just that time of year:):) I am not quite ready for Christmas music yet, but after Thanksgiving it is FREE game! :)

  3. I SO love ya'll's stockings!! And the advent calendar!


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