Thursday, November 7, 2013

lazy thursdays.

Oh my goodness, where to begin?  Certainly not with a shower because today was spent sitting around in pajamas, staring into my laptop screen and clicking away at the keyboard.  Scratch that.  There was actually a time period of about 30 minutes where I worked up a good sweat moving the living room furniture around only to move it right back to its original format.  That was disappointing too.  I guess I've already reached a level of furniture placement perfection in that room that can't be beat.  So, I switched focus to the walls and moved pictures around instead.  Fun and funner.  

I also did quite a bit of phone chatter as well, which is such a rarity.  My WGU mentor and I had our Thursday morning call, which always begins with business and turns into casual.  If I had to guess, I 'd say we talk 20% business, 80% everything else.  It's a call I look forward too and I consider her a friend.  There's one BIG, HUGE thankful right there.  Out of all of the mentors out there that I could have been paired with, I randomly got the ideal girl for me.

A little later in the day, I received an email from my mom, which I sort of guessed would be coming.  Last year I helped her create a blog so that she could share her world travels.  I made her the author and me the contributor {so I can have access to fix the hard stuff}.  So I get notified by email when she tries to access the blog but forgets her password.  It's amazing how often this can happen, right mom?  She emails or texts me that she needs help, but have you ever tried to explain something like technology over text messaging to a parent?  I have.  That makes for a long night.  So, I called her and we got it figured out and now her blog is all made over into a country Christmas wonderland and ready for her trip to Europe!  If you want to follow along on her journey and see what Ireland is like, feel free to pop on over anytime in the next month.  There's another GREAT, BIG thankful... I am looking forward keeping up with her blog again!

Speaking of blogs, my brother's Carleigh has been MIA for a while {blame law school} but she is back to blogging again and that's a very big blessing too.  I don't like to be the only family member putting all of my personal life on the internets.  It feels lonesome.

That's pretty much that, in what may be my most compelling post thus far.  I did shower at 4:54pm and I did manage to feed my kids, although it was fast food and I was wearing sweatpants with black leather boots.

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