Wednesday, November 20, 2013

miles and miles of homework piles.

Typical evenings here at the homestead involve homework, as evidenced by the stacks of books on every piece of family room furniture.  It's homework, homework everywhere!!!...Mine, McKenna's, Jackson's and Elyssa's.  We are learning machines, our noses buried in books and behind laptops and our pencils scritch-scratching on paper.  As if actual homework isn't enough, I'm also in the process of writing about homework and the appropriateness of it in elementary education.  I'm creating a faux homework policy for a faux classroom.  Normally I'd insert an "UGH" here, but this is the stuff that's going to help me be prepared as a teacher, so I'm alls-about-the-homework right now.  Bring it {even if it makes my eyes cross sometimes}.

Right now, McKenna's favorite subject is Science.  She's excited for the electricity unit coming up.  She also thinks Social Studies is pretty fun.

Jackson is digging his Spanish class these days.  He really doesn't like his other classes.  Not even Foods, which is cray-zay if you ask his mother.

Elyssa isn't here to ask personally, but college is treating her real good.  I'm guessing her Japanese class is her favorite, but I could be wrong.  She's in two Science classes right now, so I'd imagine a foreign language is a nice break from Science.  But she is majoring in Biology which means she kinda likes the Science, so what would I know anyway???  

Husband is out of town this week and he doesn't have homework, but if he was here I'm sure he'd contribute by saying his favorite subject is football and that he thoroughly enjoys keeping his stacks of work on the dining room table.

So, what do you do for fun?  

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  1. I applaud you for going back to school! I don't know how you do it! I've been debating, but even without kids I cannot imagine how full my plate would be! You rock:)


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