Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy November!
Today is a gorgeous opening day of the new month and very welcome after a rainy, windy Halloween. Pittsburgh stormed it up last night with rip-roaring wind, but today's weather was perfect for picking up the fallen branches left scattered across the lawn.
Just a beautiful Autumn day.

I know that "Thankful" posts in November are cliche in the blog world, but this girl's mind would like to take a break from original thinking {for the most part} and dedicate this month to simply being thankful.  Reason number one, it's good to dig deep sometimes and feel appreciative for even the small things in life.  Reason number two, it's been awhile since I've really dug deep and shared my appreciation for those things.

On this first day of November, I am feeling thankful for warm sunshine, crisp Autumn air, and bright Fall colors.  I have so many good memories associated with this time of year.  Last year at this time, we were new to Pittsburgh and I was a lost, confused, lonely mess of emotions, but the beautiful Pennsylvania foliage really helped me get through.  There's just something about this season that I can't get enough of and it warms me up inside {even though I'm usually freezing on the outside :).  I find myself gazing out a window, noticing a tree has changed dramatically overnight.  I often make a dash for my camera so that I can capture the sun peeking through bright branches.  I can be found wandering around the outside of my house, taking photos of leaves and hardy flowers that are still hanging on for dear life.  I take a longer driving route, just so I can admire Autumn trees.  It's spectacular.  And I'm so thankful.

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