Monday, November 25, 2013

wearing black and yellow for myself and not the steelers.

I have never really understood the need for three photos when one will do, yet here I am.  But I often find myself doing lots of things I don't understand and I'm always a fan of excess {yay says my husband, never}, so you get three photos of basically the same thing and just be happy I don't make you wade through like five photos of me or something.

So, you know we've been living in Pittsburgh for well over a year now and I think I've been very honest about our struggles with becoming Steelers fans.  I mean, we are born and bred Seahawks fans and this is an amazing year for Seattle and it just isn't helping us cheer for our new home team.  I just don't have much room in my heart and I'm afraid I passed that genetic "small-heart" trait onto my children.  When we wear black and yellow, it is for our own pleasure, not because Pittsburgh has yellow bridges and goes crazy for their Steelers.  In fact, Miss McKenna refused to put on a pair of black {more charcoal than black, really} and yellow striped gloves this morning, saying, "Those look too much like Steelers colors."  Too funny!

So, no offense to the Steeler fans at all, I promise.  We love Pittsburgh.  We just already found our soul-team and you know how that is.

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  1. Stay true to your home team wherever you go! And so cute, as always!

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  3. Love those boots! Stopping by from WIWW


  4. Stopping by from What I Wore Wednesday! It's okay, you don't have to change your team when you move :) We're Buffalo fans even though we're now in Jets/Giants territory! Love your boots and I totally want them :)

    <3 Vicki

  5. cute cute cute! love your cuff bracelet!

  6. How perfect are your boots?! You are absolutely DARLING, girl! So stunning! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. :) XO


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