Monday, December 30, 2013

a last breakfast in manchester, vermont.

Saturday morning, we woke up fairly early to pack up our belongings and clean the rental house.  Taking after my mother, I like to return a rental home in better condition than when I arrived {home owners love us}, so we packed, did laundry, and cleaned while Husband jigsaw-puzzled everything back into the minivan.  We were sitting around the t.v., waiting for one last laundry load, when Husband suddenly remembered a Manchester restaurant that we had really wanted to visit.  I am so happy he suggested it because it really was a fun, delicious, memorable way to say goodbye to such a wonderful, little town.  If you are ever in Manchester, we totally recommend Up for Breakfast!  It's small, it's packed, it's friendly, and it's what Heaven tastes like I'm sure.  Jackson even said, "best bacon ever."  

After our breakfast/lunch {brunch, I know}, we headed straight out of town.  Our original plan was to split up the 10 hour drive by overnighting in Rochester, but do you know those silly kids of mine voted to skip the hotel and drive straight through to Pittsburgh?  And because we saw the convenience in not unloading the car just to load it up again in the morning, Husband and I agreed to rip off the bandaid, suck it up, and drive continuously for hours upon hours so we could get home at 1:00am and fall asleep in our own beds.  

We are safely back at home, enjoying the last few days with our own holiday decor before I store it all away for the year.  We're thinking about New Years resolutions, watching football galore {wow, Seahawks!!!}, and catching up on laundry.  It's nice to be home from a good, good vacation.

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