Sunday, December 22, 2013

a quick, first look at manchester, vermont.

We had time for a quick drive through Manchester this afternoon and holy wow!!!  I can see why folks drop everything and move to Vermont to become an innkeeper.  Let's see... if it means living in one of these amazing houses, making some beds, and learning how to make a spectacular breakfast for guests...where can I sign up?

We'll take some time to visit the shops and hopefully I can better capture how lovely this little town is {not just through blurred moving-car photos}.  Even McDonald's is disguised as a charming olde shoppe.  Did you happen to catch the Gap store photographed above?  How quaint is that?

Tonight we had a lovely Chinese dinner, complete with the jolliest of Chinese servers.  I have a running mental collection of people I'd like to keep for myself {yes in a creepy way, on a shelf somewhere in my house} and this happy man made the list.  And I think we all agreed that the sweet and sour chicken was the best we've had in a long, long time.  Well, except for Jack.  He seems to have an intolerance for food that does not originate in America and/or come with barbecue sauce for dipping.  After dinner we did some grocery shopping because we plan to do tons of cooking while we're here {plus everything is closed on Christmas and we just ate at the Chinese food place so cooking is our only option}.  And now we just need to find a Santa lap to sit upon and snap a photo, which doesn't sound like an easy task in these small towns...

You can see how minimal the snow is, but we are still keeping our fingers crossed for a white Christmas {forever and always hopeful}.

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  1. I've I always wanted to visit Vermont, and now your pictures have clinched it: I need to move there! A picturesque Gap?! Gotta love it! And your description of the Chinese restaurant and staff at Christmas time totally reminded me of the scene from the end of "A Christmas Story." ;) Hope you get your White Christmas!


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