Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas eve afternoon at the equinox.

Welcome to Manchester, Vermont's premier hotel: The Equinox.  It's bomb.

This is where the local holiday happenings take place, so we've found.  We were desperately in need of a Santa and this was the place to spy him.  All we got was a peek though, as he made his way around a banquet room to say "hohoho" to the little kids and hand out candy canes.  I really wish I had gathered the guts to usher my grown kids around him to snap a quick photo, as this is the only year in our family history that we have missed the traditional Santa photo, but in all honesty, he was an awkward Santa and I couldn't stop staring long enough to have the sense to do it.  Or move.  Or stop staring.  Better luck next year.  That's just one of those things about leaving the big city to experience the simple life in Vermont.  Sometimes simple means you do without or wait a little longer or drive a greater distance.  It's not a bad thing, it's just a different thing.  There are moments when Vermont is magical and I feel like I could live here in a moment's notice.  And then I try to make plans to see a movie only to find I'd have to drive back to Albany, NY to see it and that is something so foreign to this family.  I'm sure we'd live, but for now this little vacation is long enough.  We need our big city too.

Tonight we are playing games, eating pizza, and lounging in pajamas, waiting for Santa Claus to bring us our loot.  McKenna is keeping track of Santa on the Norad tracker and shouting out constant updates.  We have decided that Santa will either come in through the front door or down through the wood stove.  Someone joked about him entering through the toilet, of course.  Only in this family.  

P.S. If Jack looks a little down in these photos, it's because he's unfortunately come down with a bad cold.  He's been such a trooper, but it's tough being sick on Christmas Eve.  Poor kid.

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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