Wednesday, December 25, 2013

christmas morning in vermont.

Is it just me, or did this day seem to have more hours attached to it than usual?  We opened presents, we made pancakes for breakfast, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean in our pajamas, we played video games and piano, we made nachos, we napped {well, I napped), Husband made tarts, we made steak + potatoes for dinner, and we gathered around the table and viciously played Monopoly {and you know how long that ridiculous game can last}.  

It was a day of rest and cooking and more rest and more cooking, like Christmases often go.  It was lots of fun when it wasn't a little bit boring.  We are the family that go-go-goes, so although this day indoors was probably really good for our health, we might have been a teensy bit cabin feverish.  I think we're all looking forward to a day out tomorrow, back to exploring Vermont and finding somewhere mall-ish to spend our Christmas dough.  Wish us luck!  I think Walmart and JCP are as close to a mall as we're going to find out here in Maple Syrup Land and they are both 25 miles away.  

All sarcasm aside, it was seriously a nice day to chill, even if it felt weird to not do much.  It was a very merry Christmas and we feel blessed to be spending time as a family, away from the fast paced city life.  We all made out like bandits, which is a plus.  And we were able to connect with loved ones by email and phone and Facebook, which is always the coolest. 

One last Merry Christmas to you!  
Cheers and goodnight.

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