Saturday, December 7, 2013


Oh baby, what a week!

Watching-- the movie Elf tonight with three-fifths of the family.  It's really turned into a sing-along Christmas tradition.  Smiling's my favorite.

Eating-- gummy worms.

Feeling-- pretty darn good.  It's been a stressful week by my own creation.  I spent the week studying for my Pre-Service state exam and I built up some unnecessary test anxiety.  Math, I'm not so good at, but I can nail anxiety like no other.  I took my exam today and passed both the Reading and Writing portions, but missed passing Math by nine stinking points.  It means I will have to retake the Math portion.  It's not what I hoped for, but beating myself up over it isn't going to change anything.  I'll get it next time.  I feel good to be done with it, anyway.  And I learned that I don't need to get all stressed and anxious next time.

Wanting-- always to to be in pajamas.

Marveling-- at McKenna's basketball skills.  That girl can play.  She had two games today.  I was able to watch the first one {a loss, but a close game} but I missed her second game {the one where she made THREE baskets and won the game}.

Hoping--  I'm not a basketball jinx.

Perusing-- the internet whenever I have time to spare.  What did we ever do before internet holiday shopping???  

Counting-- down the days until Vermont.

Looking-- forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning and then spending the afternoon watching more basketball.  The kids are going to wake up to the smell of cinnamon rolls!!!  

Wearing-- high-rise jeans from Abercrombie, knee-high socks, and warm boots.

Needing-- dinner ideas.  And possibly, maybe even a passion for cooking.  Is that too much to ask?  

Thinking-- about the two papers I need to write this week.  The problem is that I keep thinking about them when I should just be writing them already.

Loving-- the snow-covered ground, the squirrels that nibble at our bird feeder, the Christmas lights, a fire that flips on with a switch.

Wishing-- my cats wouldn't stare at me while I'm cooking in the kitchen.  It's become my "pet" peeve.  I'm also wishing that one of them wouldn't feel the need to meow throughout the house at 5am every morning.

Reading-- my mom's blog while she shares her European vacation.  It's fun to see what my dad and her are up to and know they are safe and sound each day.

Laughing-- all the way.

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  1. And I love reading your blog to see what adventures you will be on with 1/5 to 5/5ths of your wonderful family!!! I wish I could give you some advice on passion for cooking but you have more than I do :) You are creative and motivated and I love your smile! Yes, you will get that math down next time!!! Hugs!!!


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