Monday, December 2, 2013

decorating the treeeeeeeeee. sorry, i got ehappy.

The Christmas tree came straight from the Costco farm this weekend and so we are very thankful for real trees, pre-wrapped, for $27.99.  We are saving our family trip to a local Christmas tree farm for when we are in Vermont, so I feel justified in allowing husband to bring home a giant tree, along with bulk Diet Coke, detergents, and toilet paper. Now our home smells so wonderful and if I'm ever bored I have an endless supply of pine needles to vacuum.

I'm not even joking when I say the kids were excited to decorate the tree {excited might be a stretch, but they were definitely pleasantly participatory}.  Elyssa even played Christmas tunes which took the activity to a whole new level of magical.  Only two ornaments were lost in the celebration, but we're sure they're in a better place now.  They were good ornaments and they will be missed.  Those two empty spaces in the ornament box will always be a reminder of their loss.


  1. Oh Misty I chuckled outloud! I love it that you will miss the missing in action ornaments! The kids indeed looked happy to participate and the tree is lovely! I love the smell of a live, sort of, tree!!!!

  2. You are my favorite read every morning, soo funny!
    love love love decorating the tree every year, it's the BEST tradition!


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