Sunday, December 29, 2013

feeding fish at orvis.

Since Orvis originated in Vermont and we passed by the store multiple times a day while driving through Manchester, we decided it would be lame not to stop and peruse the store. We started with the outlet store {because we're cheap like that} and made out like bandits in the bulk candy section. I actually loved the home goods section; such beautiful well-made rugs, quilts, and pillows...but $$$ {no joke}. I admittedly tried on a sweater and a coat, but decided I am not quite ready to see myself in Orvis clothing just yet. Maybe someday, but not today. After the outlet, we visited the non, where I fell in love with a "Vermont" pillow that just had to come home with me and we discovered what it is to feed pond fish in 26 degree weather.  Win and win!!!  

You know what else Vermont has?  Wreaths, wreaths, everywhere!  If you haven't noticed, my wreath photos have increased 100% since we landed in this place.  I can't stop photographing them.  They can be found on every home, every shop, and every barn.  Who doesn't love a wreath on a barn???

Oh, Vermont.


  1. I checked out all your VT pics...fabulous! It looks like you all had a fantastic time and could that area be any more quaint?!!

    1. We had such a great time! And now my kids and husband know that sometimes places without amusement parks can be fun! Haha!

  2. I hear you! We were totally unplugged for the week on our vacation and we all survived (and I not-so-secretly loved it!!).


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