Sunday, December 29, 2013

hildene house: the lincoln family home.

I think I mentioned my love for placard reading in a previous post.  As luck would have it, our Manchester rental was just down the road from The Hildene House: The Lincoln family summer home. The house {estate, mansion, manor, you name it} belonged to Abraham Lincoln's eldest son and although the president never actually visited the house {death can be so hampering}, there were plenty of placards posted for all kinds of reading pleasure about Abraham and his family.  As the case with most historic homes, indoor camera use is not permitted, but trust me when I tell you these sophisticated folks were living the high life.  Built into the entrance hall of the house is a 1,000-pipe organ and we were able to hear it play!  Wow!  Talk about a serious sound system for 1908!  Glory, glory, hallelujah!  
Anyway, it was a beautiful home and we enjoyed peeking into each room and seeing how these people lived.  As for the placards, the kids found it very cool that we were able to read about President Lincoln.  We were also able to see his famous tall, black hat and peer into the very same mirror he looked into before heading out to the theater on the fateful night of his death.  There was something very special about looking into that mirror, like a little mental connection was made.  History can be just so darn cool.

I'm sure this place looks amazing in the summer time, but there was something so fun about crunching through the snow, walking from the visitors center to the house.  We were freezing outside, but the indoors felt so toasty warm.  I know the Lincoln's used this house as a summer home, but I would have gladly house-sat for them in the winter.
No problem, Mr. Lincoln.

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