Monday, December 16, 2013

husband photographs nature once more.

I'm not sure if we're doing the wildlife a disservice by continually refilling our bird feeder.  Perhaps the robins, crows, cardinals, finches, and doves were all supposed fly South for the winter, but are sticking around because of our never-ending food supply.  Maybe those pesky squirrels are supposed to be hibernating somewhere dark and cozy by now, but just can't say no to friendly food-rivalry.  Who knows.  Who cares.  Bird-watching has never ever ever been so exciting.  no really, I mean it.  I wish I didn't mean it, but I do.

Four calling birds,
Three french hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree!!!!

What day of Christmas is it anyway????


  1. oh my gosh, hilarious.
    Squirrels are insane around here!


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