Thursday, December 12, 2013

husband photographs nature.

It's not often Husband picks up the camera {or wants to be photographed}, so it's good to have these rare works documented.  

My heart just hasn't been dedicated to blogging as of recent and I'm sorry if you've noticed that too.  It's just
I've got a multitude of things happening right now and it's not that I'm too busy or too stressed or running around like a chicken with it's head cut off {gross.  why do we even say that?}.  I'm just at capacity - filled to the brim - no room at the inn - happily got enough on my plate.

>Last night I was finally able to eke out the last little bit of a really tough 10 page paper.  It nearly killed me.  Trying to write a paper during the holidays is {pardon my inner-valley-girl} cray-cray-banay-nay.  Now I have to sit down and knock out another paper by next week, when all I really want to do is watch Christmas movies and eat out of my tin full of butter cookies.

>I think I've mentioned that I'm volunteering as the memory book photographer at McKenna's school.  It's really one of the coolest gigs I've got going on right now and it makes me damn happy most days. I know from experience that volunteering at school functions {especially with other enthusiastically opinionated PTA moms} can be a teensy bit horrifying on a good day, but I have found myself a sweet, little, desolate niche in the volunteer community.  In most cases, I show up alone, hide behind my camera, walk around, talk to awesome kids, and snap photos.  Plus, kids are always excited to see "the lady with the camera" and even teachers are happy and appreciative that someone else is able to document all the experiences.  Anyway, blah, blah... these days I'm at that school almost everyday, as Winter concerts are performed, holiday shoeboxes are filled, PE dance contests are judged, and assemblies are assembled (?).  I'm a photographing machine, I tell you!

>And then there are just those times I want to hang out with my family, go to lunch with my husband, spend full weekends at basketball games, and spend full nights watching tv... and I don't want to photograph any of it.  I just want to live it.  Same with getting dressed, I suppose.  I've been wearing some terrific outfits and I always think, "Dang, I should blog this!" but then I don't because I just don't feel like setting up the tripod and striking a pose.  And those days, my Instagram photos are the closest to an outfit post that I'm gonna get.  :)

I'm happy and well!  I'm busy enough not to be bored, but not too busy that I'm a cranky Scrooge.  These are good days.  So please pardon my dust as I post a little less this holiday season and I just know I'll be back in full swing soon enough!

*Now that I've said all this, I'll probably find the motivation to post everyday.  That would be so typical-me.  Ha!

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