Monday, December 23, 2013

lunch with friends in beautiful woodstock, vermont.

There are just days when everything comes together beautifully and you just want to replay it over and over again in your mind because it couldn't really have been that perfect, right?  Did I just dream that all up?  Can somebody pinch me?  Because that is how I feel about today...such a wonderful, good-feeling day.  That stuff we call Christmas spirit, that stuff that sometimes fades in and out of our lives as we get older...well, I felt it today.  My heart got so warm and gooey on the drive back from Woodstock that it almost melted, I'm sure.  I'm filled with all kinds of mushy emotions that while I was doing dishes tonight,  I spontaneously announced to Husband and the kids that I loved them all.  I mean, I tell them I love them on a daily basis, yes, but this time it was so out of blue.  And loud.  And random.  

I think I might be happy or something.

My very first and most dear friend lives in Vermont and after way too many years we finally met up for lunch in the cutest, little town ever.  Lunch took us two hours, catching up and laughing and eating; we closed that restaurant down {literally}.  As for me and my Anneke, it was like we had just talked yesterday and had missed no time at all.  My kids are all enamored with her now too.  She's just the most genuine.  She's the real deal and hilarious and sweet and I hope to see her as often as possible.  On the drive home I told Husband, she's like everything good about my childhood.  My funny growing-up stories involve Anneke and those memories just came rushing back today.  We have had some fun, that's for sure.  Today was no different.
It was just a really nice reunion today.  I was happy. The kids were happy.  Husband was happy.  It seemed like all the people in Woodstock were happy.  The waitress at the restaurant who excitedly announced she was off-duty was happy.  And after we finally left the closing restaurant, the other two waitresses were happy.  It was just a happy day.  

Such a great Christmas present.  We are only a couple days into our vacation and we are already wondering where Vermont has been all of our lives and how we can get some more.

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