Thursday, December 12, 2013

my life as a giddy dog.

When it isn't snowing, and Mother Nature is in a pleasantly giving mood, the sun will shine brightly just before it sets. And if my camera happens to be within reach, I'm like an excitable dog who spies a squirrel.  I must have it!!!
I'm positively sure my life would make for exciting reality t.v.
I can picture it now...
I'm sitting on the couch, typing away on my laptop.  I suddenly close up my computer and set it next to me.  I let my head fall sideways onto a pillow and wrap a blanket around me.  I'm just about to close my eyes when suddenly I see the bright sunlight bouncing off the fireplace.  "Sunset!" I exclaim, as I burst up from the couch.  I grab my camera and run to the window and then the door and then the other window, peering out at the orange spectacle.  Like a giddy dog.

Excitement is all up in here.

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  1. I understand completely! My camera and my iphone are my forever companions on this trip! I am constantly looking or anticipating THE PICTURE! I see it but it becomes a memory in the rear view window or disappears behind the think hedge along the roads or I push the wrong button and it goes to video or square or I turn it off accidentally! I have many great my head!!!! Keep up your photography, it is beautiful!!!


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