Monday, December 30, 2013

roadside shopping in vermont.

Malls?  What malls?  This is Vermont.

We are one of those shopping families.  Sometimes we don't even realize it until we get out into the country and suddenly have nothing to do, nowhere to spend our hard-earned dough.  Of course, I'm being somewhat facetious, but there is some truthfulness there too.  What is one to do when one receives cash and gift cards for Christmas and can't go right out the next day and use the heck out of them???  We did make a serious attempt to take the kids shopping, but Walmart was the closest thing we could get to a mall and indeed, it was "the smallest Walmart in the world," said the kind lady at the pharmacy.  As an almost-40 female, I have a greater appreciation for the smaller antique and trinket shops that are plentiful along Vermont's roadsides and so I was pretty much entertained for all eternity.  Oh, another country store???  Don't mind if I do.  But that syrup, man.  We get it, manufacture syrup and you make it available absolutely everywhere.  And we love you for it, I guess.

Since we've been back at home, in snowy Pittsburgh, the kids have already been to the mall twice.  I've been once {that Anthropologie tag sale won't shop itself}.  And today, Husband is getting his shopping fix at Costco.  It's business as usual, and the economy thanks us kindly.

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  1. Vermont looks AMAZING! My family can certainly relate to being a shopping family. I'd love to hear/see what you got at the tag sale. What a great sale it was (is - but I'm done. Maybe.)


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