Friday, December 27, 2013

snowmobiling at stratton mountain.

Wow! Sometimes this family can be so impressive, I swear. Who knew we could all be so adventurous?  

In planning our Vermont trip, I researched things we could do while we were in Manchester. Mostly we wanted a relaxing vacation, but we also wanted to be able to get out there and experience life. We have skied/snowboarded before {and enjoy it} but for some reason I thought it would be fun to give snowmobiling a try this time. I had no idea it was going to be so awesome.  

We ventured up to Stratton Mountain Resort, just about a half-hour drive from Manchester. Oh BOY!  This resort!!! Think Aspen. No lie. A village of hotels/lodges/restaurants/clock tower align the base of the mountain and just on the other side...the ski lifts and nothing but white. Snowmobiling takes place out on the ski slopes once skiing has ended for the day, so it was pitch dark except for the large spotlights and the twinkling lights of the grooming machines. We met our tour guide, were fitted with helmets, briefed on safety, and then set up with our snowmobiles. I had McKenna {poor kid} with me, Husband had Jack with him, and Elyssa was captain of her own mobile. We followed our tour guide up and down that mountain, steep slopes and all, for an hour.  We had that mountain to ourselves, except for the groomers, and it felt like some super secret mission we were on. We rode all the way to the tip top of the mountain, through the fog and the spray of the snow canons {snow-making is so cool!!!}. There were times I couldn't see ahead of me, but the adrenaline rush was bomb! And McKenna squealing behind me just added to the fun, even though I had her heavy, helmet head bobbing this way and that, with my inability to smoothly transition the throttle. She's such a trooper.

For a first snowmobiling experience {except for Husband}, I'd say we did pretty darn awesome. I had no idea we would be going straight up the steep slopes and straight down again.  Doesn't that seem like something you work your way up to? Well, no. It's actually pretty easy. And amazingly scary and fun at the same time. I'll do this again gladly. Sign me up!

After our session, we walked over to a restaurant in the village for a late dinner. There really is nothing more awesome than coming in from the cold, dressed in snow pants, to sit around a table in the warmth and bite into a big, juicy burger.  

It was just such a good, good night,
for these rock stars.
Yes, rock stars.
I think we've earned the title.


  1. did you eat at mulligans?? I think it is still dad opened that restaurant back in the 90's...we spent so much time at Stratton from skiing in the winter to mountain biking and golf in the summer! It was a bittersweet day when he sold it

    1. Heck yes, Mulligan's is still there! And yes, we ate there! What a small world. :)
      The place was packed, so it must be doing well. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was awesome. Your dad started something wonderful it seems. What a neat childhood, growing up at Stratton. :)


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