Sunday, December 1, 2013

thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving weekend with the cousins!
What a fun weekend!

I did not get many photos simply because we were having such a good time visiting and there are just times when you have to keep the camera packed away so you can just enjoy the people and not ask them to look at your camera and smile.  Dumb, I know.  Bloggers are always looking for a photo-op, am I right?  

Anyhow, we did a lot of eating.  Thomas's sister roasted a delicious turkey and cooked all the fixings for Thanksgiving evening, while we supplied the sugary and salty items for snacking.  Small bottles of Coca Cola stole the show and the kids asked us to visit more often because they're not always allowed to drink that stuff.  That might not be such a good thing.

We spent Black Friday sleeping in and hanging out in pajamas.  Later in the afternoon, Thomas and I {attempting to be the hip aunt and uncle}, ventured out with all seven teens/preteens to the Thor movie.  We ate through four giant buckets of popcorn!  After the movie, we stopped for lunch at Taco Bell and that was just a good time of getting to talk to those kids.  They are just so awesome.

My kids had so much fun seeing their cousins.  Jackson is ready to go back and stay for the summer, I swear and McKenna could sit at their piano and never leave.  Elyssa could easily spend more time chatting with Connor about college and life and all that good stuff.

The sounds of football on television, McKenna learning to play piano, laughter while watching funny you-tube videos, the pitter-patter of the dog chasing after the cat, the popping open of a Coke bottle, the vroom-vrooming of a race car video game on loud speakers...these are the sounds of a house full of people having a grand, old time.


  1. How fun! NOTHING gets better than family gatherings!

  2. Cousins are seriously the best. Glad you were able to enjoy family! So how was Thor? I have no desire to see it...haah!! But I'm sure one of these days (when the boys get older) I'm going to get dragged to those kinds of movies!

  3. "Sounds" like a great time with the cousins! I love the picture of the welcoming door!


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