Wednesday, December 18, 2013

that moment she looks up and sees her dad imitating her in the stands.

Stop, she says.
Never, says he.

We are counting down the days until Christmas Day.  And not just the big day, but the whole vacation!  Boy, have we got plans.  Plans that include Vermont and plans that include crossing our fingers for snow.  Things were looking pretty positive there for awhile...Vermont has been cold and snowy.  But the last time I checked, there is one crazy 50 degree day right before Christmas and if I remember correctly (it's been awhile since I've experienced 50 degrees) that's balmy enough to melt a whole lotta that fluffy, white stuff.  We might just have a moment straight out of White Christmas, "Where's the beach?"  That's okay.  I suppose we'll live... as long as we have a dose of magical snow on Christmas Eve.  Because, Vermont.

For now, we are finishing out our last days of school.  Elyssa is already enjoying her holiday break, after surviving a very successful first semester at the university.  I imagine it feels nice not to have to commute both ways on the train, write papers, and study for final exams.  She's spending her days catching up with friends and episodes of How I Met your Mother and crocheting in between.  The rest of us can hardly wait to join her in sleeping in and forgetting about schoolwork for while.

Two more days...

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