Monday, December 30, 2013

the resolutions that almost didn't happen.

I'm not a negative Nancy, but I'm also not a positive Patty.  I like to call myself a realist {realist Randy?}, but I do mostly see my glass half full and my spectacles are often tinted a nice shade of rose.  The realist in me makes a gagging gesture at the thought of New Year's resolutions; ah...just one more commitment to suck at, me thinks.  But I do love {and I mean LOVE} the art of list-making and crossing things off my list.  And wouldn't you know it, those damn resolutions make for a most pleasurable jotting-and-crossing-out experience.  Also, Husband and I find that when we write down our goals and post them where we can view them regularly {and guilt ourselves into tackling them}, we actually get er done.  Goals have brought us where we are today because they motivated us to do the hard work.  This next year {starting ASAP}, I resolve to...

Be Outwardly Happy!  Smiling's my favorite and I mean that.  I want to laugh and goof off and do silly things without caring.  I have no problem doing these things with the people who are related to me, but I am annoyingly proper in public.  I just wanna bust out of that quiet mode and let my happiness show on the outside.  If I keep it in any longer, I'm going to pop.

Dance Often!  Now that I can play music in the kitchen {thanks to the gift of bluetooth speaker}, there is no excuse for me not to use my dancing feet while I'm cooking dinner.  It sure would make that chore a little more bearable.  This year, I'm going to bring it.

Drink Water!  I'm afraid I'm terrible at this seemingly simple task.  Diet Coke?  Always and Ever.  But I really need to drink water too.

Get A Dog!  Are you freaking kidding me???  I'll NEVER get a dog.  :)

Eat My Vegetables!  I am so proud of myself...I actually already started this resolution today!  I ate carrots and fresh green beans!  You know you have a vegetable-problem when Carleigh comments on your Instagram picture of carrots, to make sure you know that they are actually vegetables and not candy.  I'm a grown woman, darn it.  I can do this.

Get Organized!  I'm going to take the entire year to do this, focusing on one area each month.  Some months will be dedicated to organizing my computer/photos/storage space, while other months will be committed to clothing, garage storage, and decluttering.  This place is going to run like a well-oiled machine.

Drink Some Alcohol!  This resolution probably doesn't make many lists, but I drink virtually no alcohol and I have no clue why.  Well, I do know why but that's too deep for this space on the internets.  All I know is that I've become, dare I say it, stodgy.  I just would like myself to know that if I'd like a beer, than I should drink a beer.  And a glass of wine per night is actually healthful, so I might as well indulge.

Get Off My Buns!  Laptop college is causing permanent butt imprints on our sofa; my butt imprints.  I sit for hours.  I've actually gained five pounds from inactivity due largely to online classes.  I resolve to get up every hour and MOVE!

Cancel My Gym Membership!  Boy was that annual contract a bunch of phooey.  I know this is the time of year when people dash to the gym in hopes of a newer, fitter body, but the gym takes work.  And money.  And time.  I'm going to simplify this year and get fit for free at home; go for walks, stretch, DVD aerobics, etc.  It just makes better sense for my situation.

Be Giving!  I want to remember to pay for the vehicle behind me, when going through the drive-thru sometimes.  When I see a need, I want to help fulfill it.  When I'm at the register and I see someone deciding to put back groceries because they don't have enough money, I want to offer my help.

So, let me get this straight....this year my resolutions are to drink a lot, go dancing, and quit the gym, all while smiling outwardly???
Sounds fantastic!!!

Do you make resolutions?  Share your link in the comments so I can peek at yours {if you blog}!  Or share a resolution below {if you refrain from blogging}!

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