Tuesday, December 31, 2013

vermont chilling.

Here they are!  The very last of the Vermont photos!  

This is how we spent our down time; games, puzzles, tarts, steaks, video games, phones, naps, keyboarding, laptops, movies, legos, pancakes, movies, etc.  

I enjoyed the puzzle so much that I bought one to bring home and place out on a table to work on from time to time. I've also decided that as clean as I like my home, I do enjoy the lived-in look as well.  Therefore, the new keyboard is on a stand in the dining room, within eye/earshot of the kitchen and living room, so I can enjoy the sounds of simple piano tunes while slaving away at the stove.  It's amazing what a little vacation can do for the soul and mine has been revived.  Perspective; it's nice to get a new one sometimes.  Will I still get annoyed when toys and jackets and wrappers are strewn around the house?  Yes.  Yes, I will.  But I definitely feel less tightly wound about the necessary clutter.  

And a happy mom makes life much easier for the rest of the family, right?

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