Friday, December 27, 2013

vermont in the snow.

We found snow.  Or snow found us.  Either way, we are happy!!!  It doesn't even matter that it didn't come until the day after Christmas.  We are not picky.  We just wanted to see Vermont covered in the white stuff while we are here and our dream came true.  That bottom picture above, that's Husband and the girls shoveling the driveway in an attempt to get the minivan safely up to the garage.  It didn't want to make it through the snow on it's own, but some shoveling and two bags of Ice Melt later, it finally made it.  

We started off our morning right, with a second breakfast at Chauncey's Restaurant.  We promised ourselves we'd sit at the bar and kept our word.  It was perfect.  Chauncey the dog is {was - he died} the namesake of the place, we learned.  We read about him while we waited for our food... and suddenly it all made sense...the dog photos/decor posted all over the restaurant.  We might feel a little bad we were making fun of his name.  

We shopped a little.  You know, because that's what one does when it's the day after Christmas and one is five minutes from quaint, trendy factory outlet stores.  Duh!  We also experienced Walter Mitty in the tiniest movie theater we've ever seen.  It was an adorable theater, quirky to say the least.  It sloped downward for the most part, as a theater should so that the seats are tiered somewhat.  But then closer to the screen, the floor slightly sloped upward and that was just odd.  So, if you were sitting up there, you were tilted backward just enough to be awkward, I am sure.  We passed on that opportunity.  Also, something you'd never experience in a big city, the movie was scheduled for 1:30pm, but they started playing it at 1pm.  We were lucky we arrived at the perfect time.  No previews either, so at 1:00pm, it started promptly.  But people kept arriving and filling the seats from 1:00 to 1:30 because of the schedule listing.  It was crazy.  These people missed 30 minutes of the movie, but decided to stay anyway.  A big city person would think there is no way I'm paying 10 bucks to watch 3/4ths of a movie.  A small town person thinks I better see it now because who knows when this little, tiny theater will play it again.  So funny.  The movie is well-worth any quirks, however.  But I recommend if you see it, do see the entire thing.  It's so so so inspiring!

We finished out our snowy day riding snowmobiles, but I'll save that for another day.


  1. These pictures are very Vermonty!!!! Love them, makes me want to be there!!!

    1. Thanks, Mom! Vermont says hello and would love you to visit soon. :)


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