Monday, December 9, 2013


Okay, an outfit post plus random photos of my living room?  What's the deal?

First, let's talk about the outfit, k?
I've discovered the guy's vintage tees at American Eagle Outfitter and I love them. Why must I love their guy's section so much more than the gal's side of the store?  I'll tell you what... the guy's shirts are thicker, the fit is so much better, and the neck lines are perfection for this modest lady.  Even the v-necks are conservative, which NEVER happens on the girl's side of the store.
And now about my hat.  I could easily become "the lady with the beanie" if I'm not careful about how often I where this hat.

Now let's talk about the living room.  This is our first house with a formal living room and so we've been kind of clueless about how to use the space.  We've lived here for over a year, yet have only used this room a handful of times.  We spend so much time in the family room because it has a giant tv and a gas fireplace and it really can't be beat, but it often means fighting over channels {especially when football is on or when the laugh-track on the Disney channel is just too much}.  Well, not anymore!  Husband and I bit the bullet, found the deal of all deals online, and added a tv to the living room.  We took the formal out of the formal living room and brought some use to this space.  Don't get me wrong... I love a formal living room in someone else's house!  The idea of a quiet room is great.  We just aren't that quiet -- unless we're watching television.  

Last night, after the kids were asleep, Husband and I sat together and watched tv in that room.  The cat even hopped up on my chair to join in.  During a commercial, I walked another route into the kitchen to grab drinks and it was the coolest feeling, like I was actually making use of unexplored territory.  Home continues to feel more and more like home.

Do you have a hard time bending decorating rules in your home too?  Sometimes I just can't get past using a room for it's intended purpose, but then I remember that Oprah is never ever going to show up with her film crew and so things don't always need to be pretty and put-together.  True story.  :)
What room in your house are you using in a creative, rule-bending way?

pleated poppy



  1. I'm with you...a rule follower. Good for you for branching out! The boys actually use our formal living room (which actually has a bit of an informal feel to it) as their place to watch their videos on their ipods. This, though, is the best line ever (because you've pegged us with it as well!) "We just aren't that quiet -- unless we're watching television."

  2. Such a cute and cozy outfit!

    And your living room is just beautiful. I know what you mean, we have a room downstairs that isn't getting used because I don't know what to do with it.


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