Thursday, December 19, 2013

wearing something besides jeans. a small miracle.

A skirt without pockets.  That's a fashion statement I don't wanna know about.

This morning I took photos at McKenna's school again {I know, the same story I've been telling over and over again lately}.  I had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of rowdy middle school boys and girls, as they sat on the floor and passed presents down the hall in assembly-line fashion.  It was amazing.  And loud.  And happy.  And sometimes chaotic, but mostly just jolly-good-fun.  Kids tend to get excited when I come around with the camera anyway, so today they were extra adrenalized.  The poses!  Oh these kids are good, with their selfies on Instagram and Facebook.  They know how to pose!
Speaking of poses and Instagram and such {since I am a HUGE fan}, have you ever pulled out your phone to show someone a picture of your kid or your trip or something like that, but you had to first scroll through a bunch of photos of yourself?  No?
Me neither.

Gap - sweater
Target - necklace
Gilt - leatha boots for cheap
Anthropologie - skirt
Middle School Kids - my beaming smile


  1. I love love love your boots! This boot-leggings-skirt thing I do it all the time in winter or I would go crazy without some color!! and skirts! I love them :)


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