Monday, January 20, 2014

a very fun, busy weekend.

What a weekend!  And thank goodness for a Monday off {thank you, MLK, Jr.!}.  I am not going anywhere today.  :)

It was one of those weekends spent driving all over Pittsburgh, in 30 minute increments; McKenna and I yoyo'ed north and back on repeat, but all in good fun.  It's almost noon on a Monday and McKenna is still sound asleep in bed because in the last two days, she played three basketball games, had the "best slumber party ever," and jumped on trampolines for two hours with her friends yesterday.  Her energy AMAZES me!

According to McKenna, this was her best birthday party to date and that makes me feel so good.  She said her friends were so awesome and all got along so well - new friendships were made between girls who didn't really know each other... and that's the kind of stuff that makes McKenna's day.  And McKenna having a great group of sweet friends... that's the kind of stuff that makes her mom happy.

We finished off the weekend watching the Seahawks win the NFC Championship and that's when I finally got my exercise, jumping up and down for joy.  I am so very excited!!!  I have never really had a thing for football until this year.  I have always rooted for the Seahawks, but left the game-attending to Husband and Son.  This year though, I have hung on dearly to my fandom and worn my jersey with much pride, here in Pittsburgh.  I guess, for me, it feels like home in a way.  I have so many good memories of our time in Spokane and the drives we took across the state to see the Seahawks play.  Husband took Jackson to most of those games, which was so bonding, while I always had the games on at home, watching and texting Husband during big game moments.  Sometimes we all drove to Seattle together and the girls and I shopped, while the boys went to the game.  It didn't matter if you were at the game or not though, the whole downtown area was alive with Seahawks spirit.  When I did go to the game, I had the pleasure of watching Russell Wilson play when he was second fiddle.  The fans immediately fell in love with that guy.  Oh, if you could have heard us chant "Wilson!  Wilson!  Wilson!"  It was amazing.  Everyone just knew he was a star.  And that Seattle twelfth man is the LOUDEST, most insane thing you will ever hear!  There's a reason for the media hype...because it's true.  We take great pride in that.

Listen to me.  I sound like I dig football.  I guess I do.  :)
I'm going to ignore the media hype in regard to certain players and their after-game outbursts.  I'm just going to continue to enjoy this time, when Pittsburgh doesn't feel so very far away from Washington {and Oregon} and I can show my team pride.  The last time the Seahawks were in the Super Bowl, they lost to Pittsburgh.  I'd love to see them win!!!

Now, enough of the football.

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