Friday, January 17, 2014


I almost forgot what it was like to tripod-photograph myself.  That would have been a real shame.

Every night, this cardigan gets folded in half and tossed onto the trunk at the end of my bed.  It just makes it easier to wear again the following day...and the day after that {while I'm being honest}.  I can probably say the same of these high-waisted {fat-sucking} jeans, although they do get washed more often because I'm a hater of baggy denim knees.  During the winter, I just want to be warm and covered and comfortable and what you see, is what you get.  Shnazzy enough for spontaneous lunch dates with Husband, yet cozy enough to doze on the couch after studying.

Anthropologie cardigan.
Hollister high-rise jeans.
AEO guy's tee.
Boutique 9 boots.


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