Sunday, February 23, 2014

copley square, boston.

After I spoiled our plans for a fancy Valentine's dinner by getting so terribly sick, Husband and I made plans for a redo on our last night in Boston.  I mean, we were at the stylish Fairmont Hotel- the absolute perfect place to be fancy.  Husband donned his suit and was looking ruggedly sharp and handsome.  I put myself in a little red number with pointy snakeskin pumps.  We almost took a selfie to document our effort, but decided against it for some reason {probably because Husband is not a fan and I was trying to be less annoying than usual}.  We took the elevator down to the hotel lobby, admiring our shnazzy reflections in the mirrored box.  Dang we clean up real good!  We walked our dapper selves into the hotel restaurant and were seated promptly... right in between two other full tables.  Our tables were actually so close to each other that it really just felt like one long table being shared by couples who didn't want to be sharing.  Awkward.  We proceeded to sit there for an eternity while no one showed up to take our order or give us a water at least.  We have experienced this several times in our 15 years together, this act of just sitting in a restaurant waiting for service.  It never ends well, we know.  So, we did what we always do when we just feel it in our bones that if we stay it will be miserable...we got up and left.  We marched back up to our room, put on our pajamas and ordered room service.  I actually danced around in my pajamas because it felt so so good to be out of that dress and out of those damn spanx {have you ever tried to release gas in those things? ridiculous. girl's gotta fart sometimes}.  Room service is totally my element and I was overjoyed!  Food in bed?  Dream come true!!!  
And ten minutes later, Husband was in the bathroom on all fours, pouring his heart and soul out into the porcelain potty.  It was his turn to be sick. :(
Happy Anniversary.
I dined alone on my room service burger that night.
The next morning we were ever so happy to be heading back home, ready to share with anyone who would listen to our story about that time we took an anniversary trip to New England to get sick.

I don't want to leave you with the idea that the Fairmont Hotel is a total nightmare.  I mean, it has its good points, but I will be honest.  The front desk did try to give us a room with a crap view when there were plenty of rooms available facing the park.  Husband's persistence paid off for us, but getting our room was no easy feat.  Also, the restaurant manager was very apologetic for the lack of service and took care of our entire room service bill, while also sending up a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolate.  If I were you, and you're in Boston, I'd stay at the Westin right next door.  We love that place.


  1. ah. I wanna go to Boston!
    It looks so gorgeous. I am glad you had such a great time, minus the sickness, and that the hotel made up for it's mistakes a little bit!

  2. So glad that everything was taken care of eventually. And let's be honest...I'd much prefer room service in my pjs than a fancy meal in a fancy outfit! ;) I know that you looked amazing, though!!


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