Friday, February 21, 2014

danvers, massachusetts: where the salem witch trials began.

On our last morning at the bed & breakfast in Portland, Maine, we spoke over breakfast with a lovely couple from Massachusetts.  They were very helpful in giving suggestions for sights to see on our drive back to Boston.  Thanks to them, we had lunch in Portsmouth, shopped at the Kittery Trading Post, and stopped through Danvers instead of touristy Salem to spy some historical witch trial sites.  I think we should definitely make a habit of taking recommendations from total strangers because we really enjoyed every stop.  

In Danvers, we stopped at the Rebecca Nurse Homestead.  There was so much snow and the driveway into the property was plowed, but it was hard to tell if the buildings could be accessed or if they were private property, so we just took photos really quickly and left.  But thanks to technology, we were able to use our phones to find out just who this Rebecca Nurse was.  I heart the internet.  As the story goes, Mrs. Nurse was accused of using witch craft on a group of young girls.  She was hanged at the age of 71.  Also noted, one of the young girls who accused her was the daughter of a man with whom the Nurse family had a land dispute.  Ummmmmmm....  So, yeah.  Pretty sad stuff.  Back then, once you were accused of being a witch, there was really no coming back from that. 

Anyway, I'm sure there is a lot to see in Salem.  I'd still like to see it, myself.  But Danvers is pretty cool too, without the tourist-trap feel.  It still amazes me that these 330 year-old historical sights just sit amid normal neighborhoods where people reside and go about their daily business.  I mean, this is HISTORY, people!  Right here in your neighborhood!  

So cool.

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  1. wow, what fun! you guys are so lucky to be able to see all this beautiful all your pix in the last week!


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