Wednesday, February 19, 2014

five minutes on the frigid coast of maine.

I'll do anything to see the ocean...even brave the snow.  I just really like being on the edge of a landmass, staring off into nothing but water and sky.  It feels special, somehow.  Like anyone can be inland, doing inland-y kinds of things.  There's so much dang space inland.  I mean, driving across Montana can feel like there's got to be room for absolutely everyone and their dog in that inland state.  But only so many people can fit on the edge.  I know people try hard to squish up along the edge sometimes, but certainly not in Maine on the day after a huge snowstorm.  Husband and I had that ocean beach all to ourselves.  And we basked in the glory for all of five minutes.  Oh, but what a beautiful five minutes they were!  Can you feel the love?

This is Ogunquit, a popular summer retreat for New Englanders.  According to locals, this place is one June-to-August traffic jam with beach-goers.  Perhaps one day I'll see that for myself.  I have to admit, I do like a warm beach considerably more than a cold beach.  I'm even willing to share the edge of America's landmass with other people, just so I can wriggle my toes in the sand.  There were a lot of shops open, but most of the inns and hotels were closed for the season, as we drove through town.  I still can't get over the idea of snow on the beach.  It looked like we were driving through a cute mountain pass to go skiing, nothing like a beach town.  West coasters be baffled.  

Oh that fresh, salty air!  Can you almost smell it?  

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  1. I am so jealous! Maine is on my list of gorgeous places to visit!


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