Tuesday, February 18, 2014

goat, you say?

Did you know that you can be walking along pretty much anywhere in Boston and say the words {or maybe even just think the words}, "Man, I could use a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts right now," and suddenly one or the other or maybe even BOTH will appear... just like that?  It's ridiculous, really.  Until you need one, then it's quite convenient.  This particular stop into Starbucks, however, I am so so so so happy I decided to pass on ordering anything for myself and just let Husband fill his freezing body with warm, comforting liquids {because that would have just been one more thing for me to projectile-vomit later that evening, and no thanks}.  We decided to end our impromptu downtown Boston walking tour with a jaunt through a popular farmers market.  I'm totes guessing this market is way more visit-friendly during the warmer months, but this was our anniversary trip and we just like to get things done.  And so we got 'er done.  We bought nothing.  We usually are such suckers for the berries and fresh fruit, but just weren't feeling it.  I blame our frozen fingers that just so much preferred to keep inside our warm pockets.  We also passed on the goat {second photo from the top}, even though she could be ordered fresh killed, available in whole or half.  And now I need to google goat recipes just because I have only ever ventured to try goat milk and goat cheese but never a meaty thing from that animal.  I'm curious.  Goat kabob?  I don't know.  I've lived a mostly sheltered, suburban life, so don't judge too harshly.  No matter the animal, "fresh killed" on a sign never makes my mouth water.  I know where meat comes from, I just prefer not to think about that part.

This was our last little activity in Boston before we drove on up to Portland, Maine.  I feel like I can't just say Portland without the Maine, you know?  Of course people in the east just say Portland, just like I did when I lived in Portland, Oregon.  So, please just bear with me if I sound redundant.  :)   Darn West Coast transplants.  Anyhoo...Husband and I slogged our way back to the parking garage, paid the $35.00 fee to park for 3 hours {SAYWHAT?}, and got out of the big city for some smaller city fun.  Snow on a beach?  Yes, please!

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