Monday, February 24, 2014

introducing grandma to pittsburgh.

I'm pretty sure photos don't get any better than this last one.  

Grandma Rhonda is visiting from Texas!  Don't you just love her glasses?  We scored with good weather on Sunday and so we took her to Pamela's for a legit Pittsburgh breakfast and then headed downtown to see what all the fuss is about - those yellow bridges, tunnels, and tall buildings.  It was just so nice to be outside and not totally freezing.  And Pittsburgh can be so darn pretty when it wants to be.  It was one of those good-feeling family days, when we all got to take a break from schoolwork and basketball and chores and just be together.
I love this clan.


  1. Aw, how fun! Looks like a great introduction :)
    xo TJ

  2. We live about 1 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh and visit frequenty. We shop there several times a year. It is the closest bigger city to us. We live in a small town in West Virginia called Bridgeport. Cute post!


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