Friday, February 21, 2014

the power lines of portsmouth.

Ahh, New Hampshire, the 'live free or die' state, we sure do adore your Portsmouth.

One thing I noticed during this trip is the crazy mess of power lines up and down the New England coast.  The west coast just doesn't have all those wires criss-crossing all over the fronts of buildings.  As a wannabe photographer, I can't help but notice them.  They're in practically every photo because they're everywhere.  I don't mind though.  It's all just part of the old world vibe that I love so much, like brick and cobblestone.  Love.

Portsmouth is a quaint, little walking town; tons of shops and restaurants to peruse.  It's funny though, because unless you sneak down a back alley or go into a shop or restaurant and peer through a back window, you might never know that it borders on a giant body of ocean water.  Everyone wanted in on that view, I guess.  So, Husband and I grabbed lunch in one of those restaurants and sat out on the enclosed balcony where we had an amazing view of the water.  My appetite had picked up just barely after being sick and so I was able to kind of enjoy a delicious pulled pork sandwich, while Husband chowed down on a giant omelet {that he continues to have nightmares about to this day, not because it wasn't yummy, but because he threw it up later that evening}.  Oh, I know I told you I got sick on this anniversary trip, but didn't I tell you that Husband got sick too?  Oh, yes.  We like to do everything together.  

Our stop in Portsmouth was just a quick one.  We also stopped in Kittery to see the famous trading post, which is kind of a Cabella's/Orvis/LLBean type of place; a little bit of everything you need for surviving life outside and then some random crap stocked on the shelves too.  But now we can say we've been there.  A very generous husband did buy me my first {and maybe last because these things should last forever} pair of Frye boots while we were at the trading post, so you know it isn't all that bad.  We also picked up some "wickedly good Maine gum" for when your breathe smells like "the habah."  Elyssa and I spent about five whole minutes trying to figure out what a habah is.  I even googled it.  Finally I pronounced it like a true Bostonian and it all made perfect sense.

Boston Habah, yo.


  1. I am just LOVING all your pics! What a gorgeous, gorgeous place!

  2. Your pictures always make everything you do look awesome!! Althoug I really only like snow from afar, it looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. The Frye boots had to have something to do with your recovery, yes? : )


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