Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Yes, yes.  I'm looking down and to the side in both of the photos.  I had to get that darn braid in the photo {but mostly I won't look straight into a camera with my hair pulled back}.  I'm crazy like that.

Has it been snowing every morning where you are too?  Is it frightfully cold?  March is only two days away and I'm thinking we are going in like the wildest lion there ever ever was and we better come out of it like the gentlest little lamb or I'm going to go nuts.  Please, Spring.  I'm so tired of reading "feels like 3º" when I check the temperature every ten minutes.

Gap sweater
The Limited pleather
Nordstrom boots

pleated poppy


  1. Excellent french braid. And yes, I think what I heard on the weather is that the longest we've gone without new snowfall in 2014 is 4 days. And that only happened once. Most of the time it snows every single day. I think we have enough.

  2. i love your pants! love! and yes...this is the most awful winter. ever. ever ever ever. its been in the negative double digits way too many days this winter and its beaten down the souls of all of us who live here.

  3. love the braid and the camel/black combo


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