Wednesday, March 26, 2014

looking up.

Wow.  Winter.  Blues.

These have been a tough few weeks, stemming from a long, rough winter.  I am craving the outdoors so badly, but I won't go out there just yet.  Not until the snow subsides.  It's a good thing that the temperature is going up tomorrow and it looks like it's going to keep going up for the week.  I am set!

Allow me to catch you up on the recent happenings.  It's basically been Husband going to work, the kids going to school, and me sitting on my favorite spot on the couch to complete assignment after assignment.  I honestly should be in a classroom right now, observing and lesson-planning and getting to know the students, but it hasn't happened yet.  I had a place all lined up at a cute, little, private Catholic school, permission from the enthusiastic principal (his signature even!!!).  And then I found myself waiting six whole weeks to never hear from the guy again.  I left weekly phone messages, I sent e-mails (hey, remember me???), I stopped by the office...and never once got a reply.  Can you imagine my stress?  Six weeks of waiting for a reply can make a person feel really desperate.  I don't do desperate very well.  I've been spoiled.  And so I finally let that school go and am in the process of finding another one.  I have five good leads and am waiting to hear back from teachers.  It's good, it's a start, but it still has me in this business of waiting and waiting still feels icky.  This has been quite the learning processes about finding balance between going after the things I really want while also letting go of the things I cannot control.  For those things I cannot control, like waiting for a call back, I have been making up for it by busting through my assignments like a champ.  I've been obsessed.
A machine.
But I'm running out of steam.  
I need a new place to sit.
Like outside, in the warm shade.
By a pool.
In a resort.
On an island.
Bring me a margarita.

I digress.  This post is supposed to be about me looking up and feeling better about things.  Because really I am.  This is our last day of snow on the ground, I know it!  There are little buds on the trees.  The birds are tweeting.  Spring clothes are making their way into the stores.  The daylight stretches past dinner time.  And I only have one more assignment that I will complete today and that puts me way ahead of my goal!  I will actually have a really light, fluffy April.  April is where it's at.

Is it nice to have me back on the internets or what?

Monday, March 3, 2014


Two sweaters are better than one.  Only when it's below freezing out.  And only when one isn't suffering from hot flashes.  It was my lucky day.

Usually I would have more to say, only I really don't.  I spent the entire weekend sitting at a puzzle.  Fortunately I was able to finish it this morning, otherwise I would still be sitting there.  My husband surprised me Friday night, with a shiny new puzzle; pieces scattered all over the dining room table.  He had even taken the time to turn them all right-side-up.  He knows I can't resist a puzzle.  It usually brings the family together for some bonding time.  But I'm afraid I hoarded this one to myself.

Two entire days of puzzling.  I can never get that back.  :)

Loft owl sweater
J Crew Factory tunic
Banana Republic cardigan
The Limited pleather leggings
AEO booties
J Crew Factory necklace


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