Monday, March 3, 2014


Two sweaters are better than one.  Only when it's below freezing out.  And only when one isn't suffering from hot flashes.  It was my lucky day.

Usually I would have more to say, only I really don't.  I spent the entire weekend sitting at a puzzle.  Fortunately I was able to finish it this morning, otherwise I would still be sitting there.  My husband surprised me Friday night, with a shiny new puzzle; pieces scattered all over the dining room table.  He had even taken the time to turn them all right-side-up.  He knows I can't resist a puzzle.  It usually brings the family together for some bonding time.  But I'm afraid I hoarded this one to myself.

Two entire days of puzzling.  I can never get that back.  :)

Loft owl sweater
J Crew Factory tunic
Banana Republic cardigan
The Limited pleather leggings
AEO booties
J Crew Factory necklace


  1. Two sweaters ARE better than one right now. About half of my family loves jigsaw puzzles, the other half don't have the attention span. I'm part of the half with no attention span.

  2. It's ok Misty...a good puzzle never hurt anyone! ;o)


  3. Your hair is so pretty and really love the booties! They look so comfy!

  4. LOVE the pleather leggings!!!

  5. Gorgeous! I wish I had your discipline for that puzzle! Great job girl!

  6. Gah! Your such a HOTTIE! I need those pants in my closet! Thanks for convincing me doll!

  7. Just dropping by to tell you that you're missed!


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