Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a palm springs wedding.

It was a beautiful wedding on such a perfectly warm, sunny day.  And palm trees.  I love those things.

Truth be told, I felt like such a bloated pig compared to that tiny, beautiful bride.  It didn't help that my dress fit like I had wrapped my entire body tightly in duct tape.  And it didn't help that ASOS had given the name of that dress the "wiggle dress" unless they weren't actually describing wiggle room but rather meant that I'd have to wiggle my way aggressively back into it after using the ladies room.  If that's what they meant, well then they nailed it and it fit perfectly!  

The gorgeous bride is my cousin and dear friend (cousins make the best childhood friends don't they?).  I was so happy to be part of her big day.  I put my camera to use and got some really great shots.  I will only show these few though because it just doesn't seem right to plaster someone else's wedding all over my blog, you know?  People get in trouble for that.  And well, I seem to get myself into enough trouble without adding that to my plate.  :)

So, that's that.  A wonderful night in Palm Springs.  
And I wish the happy bride and groom all my best.

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  1. Lucky you for discovering your calling. It's never too late!


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