Tuesday, April 29, 2014

let's talk student-teaching.

Hey!  So, yeah.  I reeeeaaaalllly am enjoying my role as a student teacher.  Technically, I am not in the "official" student-teaching portion of my degree (that happens in January), but I am in a first-grade classroom two days a week right now to work on my pre-clinical tasks and such.  I love it.  I am toast by the end of a workday, but it's so SO worth it.  It has always been hard for me to imagine myself as a teacher, or in any influential-type role for that matter, but I can actually picture it now.  I finally see myself as a big girl and capable of whatever I set my mind to.  At almost-40, it's about time, don't you freaking think!?!  

These photos are from a field trip the first graders took last week.  As you can see... not a warm, pleasant Spring day.  But it was still fun.  We were out looking for signs of Spring, which you know, is much easier to do when the flowers and animals aren't cowering from the cold, but we managed to spy some new blooms and buds and a Robin or two.  I took tons of photos and turned them into a movie for the students to watch a few days later.  I think I found my niche, being the one always toting a camera.  I told Husband that when I'm a teacher, I know exactly how it's going to go... for every activity, I'll be snapping photos and a few days later we'll be watching ourselves in an iMovie, set to some super cool tunes.  I am already looking forward to producing Open House slide shows of my students that will bring all the moms to tears.  The key to getting us sappy moms (myself included) crying tears of joy is two things: smiling children and an emotional tune about growing up.
This is going to be so good.

For now, though, I'm just happy to be participating in someone else's classroom.  I really have such an amazing example of a teacher, so I am feeling very blessed.  :)


  1. I wish my boys could have you as a teacher! The pre-clinicals are pretty fun...student teaching is too, just a ton of work, as I'm sure you already know! I love the idea of a slideshow!

  2. ah! enjoy your student teaching time! so fun! you're almost there!!! :)


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